News Release

Three Indian Villages Thankful for LDS Charities Wheelchairs



Rajahmundry, in the state of Andhra Pradesh, was full of happiness as dozens of people received their personalized wheelchair.  Beginning at 9:00 am on October 24, lives were changed for the better. Thanks to the partnership of LDS Charities and the Pastors Fellowship.  LDS Charities (LDSC) is the humanitarian arm of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

The day began and ended with smiles and laughter. Darla Newton, an LDSC humanitarian missionary commented, “You could actually feel the joy in the air”. 

Each of these wheelchairs was custom-designed for each recipient. It took four days for volunteers to measure each person for their own wheelchair. 

This celebration was the third of two other similar celebrations. Yanam and Mandapeta were the other villages, which received wheelchairs on October 22th and September 24nd, respectively.

In total, 170 wheelchairs were donated.

The recipients and their family members were excitedly talking about the activities they could now do. They could hold jobs, enjoy family outings, visit friends, shop and overall live more independently.  

One man said, “Thank you for this new wheelchair.  It has given me New Life”

Government officials supported LDS Charities.  Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLA), Rajahmundry's city mayor, President of Andhra Pradesh Pastors Fellowship, the Head of UK Office for Programs Motivation, and Manager of LDS Service Center attended the final celebration in Rajahmundry. 

During other celebrations, area MLAs and the Chairman of Libraries and Chief Minister of Health and Tourism attended.

Gratitude was the major emotion felt by government officials and charitable organizations, but none as great as the new wheelchair owners. Emotions overflowed.  

A young woman with tears in her eyes said, “Now I can go to church. God has always been with me.”

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