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The LDS Church in India

An outside Hindu view of the LDS Church in India

The Author of this article is Professor S. K. Pachauri IAS Retd - A person who is in love with the Mormon Church, but who is not a member of the faith. 

The Mormon Church (LDS) has grown and spread in India in about the last 25 years.  It has Wards and Stakes in Hyderabad and Bangaluru in South India.  More recently, it has established its presence In New Delhi and has 7 Branches of the church there.  The LDS church is attracting people who are professionals and is directing its efforts in welfare activities.  It has a dedicated band of workers and people are willingly and voluntarily aiding the church by means of donations.  At present its future appears to be bright with more people coming under its fold and leadership.  People seem to be influenced by its dedication and sound moral objectives.  It is a great step forward to foster Inter-Faith understanding in a multi-religious environment, and to spread the message of harmonious living in society. 

Of late the LDS Church is performing wonders by taking a huge step forward in holistic, socio-economic development of society.  It is doing remarkable work in providing safe and clean drinking water in one of the most backward districts like in Nalgonda (Telengana) - a district where I worked as District Magistrate and as District Development Officer for Small and Marginal farmers.  Mormon presence is also felt in Child and Maternal care, a field in which India is in most need of improvement and technical assistance.  Assistance and expertise is also forthcoming in the area of help to the physically handicapped.  Many Eye Care camps have also been organized. 

It is no exaggeration to say that Mormons are doing remarkable work in the field of charity, magnanimity and without a murmur or loud noise.  This augers well for the Mormon Church to establish its footprint without any thing in return. 

Pure Love and Service Before Self is their motto. 

Professor S.K. Pachauri

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