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Hearts are lifted and love is shared through service.

Small group gives big service.

Every act of service brings joy to both the giver and the receiver.  A small group of members from the Hyderabad Madinaguda 1st and 2nd congregations of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints found that out.  The members visited the Holy Bell's Children's School to give it a good cleaning and painting and were rewarded with the joy of the service, comraderie in the work and appreciative students and leaders.

Before departing to give their service, the members held a devotional where they discussed the example given by Christ to serve others. The effects of giving service not only helps in a physical manner, as in painting a school or improving the environment, but in a spiritual manner too. Hearts are lifted, love is shared, hope is given and a better understanding of each other is discovered. 

The members traveled to the Holy Bell’s Children's School where they were greeted by the directors, Mr. and Mrs. Prabhakar, as well as staff members and students. The members painted the walls and some of the teachers joined by painting shapes and designs on the walls to give cheerful colors and shapes for the students. 

Mr. Prabhakar said, “The 200 children of our school are so excited to see the new white wash on our school. They are so happy to see their school look nice once more.”

One of the students sent the following thank you letter: 
"I am Priyanka. I am studying in Holy Bells school now. I am in 6th class.
Today morning I came to my school at 9 0’clock.
Really I surprise. My school is looking so beautiful with white washing. Thank you sir for your help to my school."

The joy of service touches all.

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