News Release

Members are Safe in Nepal

All are safe and accounted for.

The members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Nepal are safe following the earthquake and continuing tremors over the weekend.  The communication from the senior couple, Elder and Sister Valentine, records the safety of the members. Sister Valentine said “Saturday, April 25, in Nepal the Lord watched over His saints.  The tender mercy when the 7.9 earthquake hit was the members of the Kathmandu branch were sitting together in the chapel having sacrament meeting.  Being together made all the difference.  For a very small branch in a city with 4 million people, being together at the time the quake hit meant they knew who was safe immediately. Communication in Nepal is often spotty at best so this information was critical.  The members evacuated the chapel and huddled together away from the buildings.  The members sang hymns as non-member neighbors lingered nearby drawing comfort.  The priesthood organized others to find those who were absent.  By the end of the day, the saints were accounted for and sent home to be with families or friends.  Elder and Sister Valentine, the welfare missionaries, were with the branch and safe.”

Our senior missionary couple, Elder and Sister Valentine, have been staying at the US Embassy and will be going to Bangkok Thailand.  Their apartment is uninhabitable.  There are no other missionaries in the country.

We continue to pray for the beautiful and strong people of Nepal.  The humanitarian arm of the Church is determining the aid that is needed and will be sent.

Note: The pictures attached are prior to the earthquake.


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