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LDS Church Honored at National Seminar 

At the National Seminar on Nationalism, Humanism and Spiritualism held this past week in New Delhi, The Indian Society of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS) was recognized for its outstanding public service contributions to the people of India.  Accepting this prestigious award on behalf of the Church was Elder William L. Black who serves as a volunteer and Country Director for Humanitarian Services.

In the past twelve months alone the LDS Church has initiated eighteen (18) significant humanitarian projects in India benefiting more than a million people. These projects include over 700 wheelchairs donated, immunizations through a partnership with UNICEF for Indian children, over 4,000 newborn kits donated to needy new mothers. Neonatal Resuscitation Training (NRT) by prominent LDS pediatricians has been given to leading Indian pediatricians helping save the lives of countless Indian babies. The Church donated thousands of hygiene kits to the less fortunate living in slums. Sewing machines, washing machines, geezers, cooking supplies and a host of other items have been donated to schools, orphanages, and homes for the elderly, disabled and abandoned. Medical supplies and services have been donated to leprosy centers throughout India. And even in time of national disaster such as Super Cyclone Phailin, the Church was there to assist with with food, cooking oil, tarps, hygiene kits and other essential items that benefited some 8,000 storm victims.  

President Suvarna Katuka remarked on the theme of the seminar, Nationalize the Citizen, Spiritualize the Nation.  He said, “It is this kind of selfless service to each other that is the foundation of a united India.  It is one person helping another regardless of religion, belief or cast, but all as citizens of India. When this happens the spirituality of the nation grows”.

Also receiving awards were Honorable Justice S N Dhingra-High Court of Delhi; Dr. John Dayal-Co-founder and Secretary General of the All India Christian Council and eminent senior journalist; Dr. Mukal Jain-Co-chairman of the India-African Business Council and Dr.Vikram Dutt-recipient of Man of the Year Award (USA), Global Peace Award (Italy) and the Gaurav Samman Award (India) among distinguished others.

The consensus of the seminar can be encapsulated in a statement by Dr. John Dayal, “Reach Your Brilliance in Whatever Way You Choose”. Each citizen of India doing their best to unite the country in love, harmony and peace, one person to another will spiritualize the nation to become a brilliant example in a world of chaos.

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