News Release

200 Blankets Help Light the World in Delhi



The Public Affairs Department from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (India) purchased hundreds of meters of fleece material to make blankets for those in need during the cold Delhi winter.  It has been two years and a labor of love cutting and tying fleece material for 200 blankets.  Many auxiliaries within the Church have helped prepare the blankets. The auxiliaries that participated were the Relief Society (Women’s group in the LDS Church), Young Single Adults (YSA) aged 18-30,  and full-time missionaries.  The organizations which received the blankets were the Deepti Foundation, Safdarjung Hospital, Katyayani Nirashrit Balika Ashram, and a special needs school outside of Delhi headed Dr. AK Merchant of the Baha’i community.

The first blankets to be distributed were to the girls at Deepti Foundation on Dec 14.  These girls are HIV affect, due to their parent’s illness with HIV.  The girls lined up by age to receive the 30 blankets and then another 26 blankets were given on Dec 20.  Afterwards, the girls performed a traditional Hindu dance for the public affairs couple.  They were happy to share their talents and grateful to have warm blankets   Many of the children happily shared their English skills to say, “Thank you ma’am” and “thank you sir”.

The following Saturday on Dec 16, the Malviya Nagar Ward youth gathered and donated many boxes filled with board games, Frisbees, drawing books, story books along with 28 blankets.  The girls at the Ashram gathered to say “Dhanyavaad” from the balconies.

The Young Single Adult group and the full-time missionaries arrived at  Safdarjung Hospital on Dec 23 with 96 blankets  As soon as the blankets appeared a large group of patients wanting a warm blanket gathered around the people with blankets.  Very quickly the 96 blankets had happy owners.

Dr Merchant of the New Delhi Baha’i community delivered 20 blankets to the school on December 21st.  The young children caught the vision of giving.  The children wanted to share their gifts with their family and untied the 20 blankets to create 40 blankets. 

The Church and its members were able to actively participate in the “Light the World” campaign in December 2017.  There was talk amongst the Young Single Adult group saying that this was as Christ said in Matthew 25:40, “…Inasmuch as ye have done it unto the least of  these my brethren, you have done it unto me. “

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